Reclaiming Paris

Reclaiming Paris website

Reclaiming Paris is a web-based performance project in which I am transforming myself physically into Paris Hilton.

Then I am going to do performances (hopefully with a webcast) in which I apply my mid-western, middle class values to Paris by doing tasks for other people. I am going to cook, clean, sew, and garden for free in a public space, dressed as Paris Hilton.

I plan to lose 20 lbs., dye my hair, do my eyebrows, and imitate her makeup.

I’ve been planning this project for 3 months, and was amazed to hear that Paris announced a few nights ago that she is promoting a year of abstinence! She seems to want to recast her slutty, frivolous, rich-bitch, bimbo image (we must be on the same wave-length). Through this project I will help reform her image.

Who better than me to Reclaim Paris? I am a Mid-western, middle class, over-educated (I’m seeking my 4th degree), plain spoken, whole-foodie, nature-loving, no make-up, no-nonsense woman.

Paris is our current Sexual Icon. Like Jessica Simpson, she is the dumb blonde of this decade. But unlike Jessica, she is famous for nothing, or rather famous for being famous. She did not start out striving to be a movie star, TV icon, rock star, or anything else. She was just a teenager who liked to party, and who happened to be rich and beautiful. The media loved her, took her over and made her a star.

Now, I am reclaiming Paris!!